For Sale

ABCD Storage

Listing #: 2107

Bacliff, TX
NRSF: 15,950
Offering Price: $1,200,000
No. Units: 109


  • Great infill location surrounded by dense residential and retail
  • All-metal construction with concrete drive isles
  • Property’s location is common to many locals
  • Upside in raising occupancy to market levels and implementing a tenant property protection plan
  • Property drains well – it has never flooded

Extra Storage Woodforest
Listing #: 2105

Houston, TX
NRSF: 12,550
Offering Price: $800,000
No. Units: 112


  • Well-maintained, pride of ownership property
  • Cement block construction with metal doors and metal roofs; concrete drive isles
  • Property has never flooded
  • Location is surrounded by apartments and retail