For Sale

Morning Star Park (In Contract)
Listing #: 2206

Elverta, CA
NRSF: 172,498
Offering Price: $8,000,000
No. Units: 524


  • Existing site sits on 11.77 acres
  • There are an additional 15 acres zoned M1 which would allow for expansion
  • Property is on one parcel
  • The expansion land is priced at $2.6M or $$3.98/SF.  The additional land must  be purchased with the existing asset making the aggregate price $8M
  • Indoor parking helps meet the needs of recreators who want timely access to their vehicles

Spruce Grove Storage (Closed 07/26/22)
Listing #: 2203

Lower Lake, CA
NRSF: 61,660
Offering Price: $6,700,000
No. Units: 415


  • Historically high occupancy, presently (02/22) at 99%
  • No tenant insurance program in place
  • Large site – 61,660 NRSF on 8.15 acres
  • 30% economic vacancy – some seasoned tenants need to be raised to market rates
  • Due to a prepayment penalty, seller cannot close before 03/01/23

Los Banos Mini Storage (In Contract)
Listing #: 2304

Los Banos, CA
NRSF: 31,050
Offering Price: $4,000,000
No. Units: 311


  • Upside in rents as the subject property has the lowest asking rents in the submarket
  • Historically high occupancy (97%+)
  • All units feature drive-up access
  • Property generates roughly $3,000 per month in U-Haul commissions and presently is not collecting tenant insurance
  • Seller is replacing the siding, trim and roofs on the first phase of the property

Liverpool RV Park
Listing #: 2205

Liverpool, TX
NRSF: 53,200
Offering Price: $1,699,000 Price Reduced
No. Units: 48


  • Below market rents: spaces could rent for 15-25% more given the local rent comparables
  • Cash flowing asset with the opportunity to increase the current occupancy (77%)
  • Ample room to expand: back portion of property and the perimeter could be used for portable self-storage units
  • Billboard provides passive income
  • Park is equipped with new, state-of-the-art septic, water and electrical hookups (electricity is partially reimbursed to the owner).
  • Strong amenity package: includes free Wi-Fi, fire pit, grill, bathrooms with showers, and laundry facilities